Diamedica Oxygen Reservoir System

afeguard your oxygen supplies with our oxygen reservoir system. Use your reservoir to deliver oxygen directly to a patient in your Intensive Care Unit, or to run a Glostavent® Helix anaesthesia machine. Fill the vessel with our 5 bar compressor to get 100L of useable oxygen from your 20L reservoir system, or 500L oxygen from your 100L vessel.

An excellent solution in low resource settings, where oxygen cylinders can be costly, or hospital site access is difficult. An truly invaluable resource in the event of a power failure, this vessel stores the oxygen produced in advance ready for future use for when you most need it.

Key features

  • Use the compressor pump to take oxygen from any appropriate oxygen concentrator and fill either a 20l or 100l vessel
  • Aluminium vessel
  • Quick release supply fitting and tube
  • In the event of power failure, the oxygen reservoir filling system is an invaluable resource to provide oxygen
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK, robust and built to last