Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo 8

The strongest members of the Nuvo family, the Nuvo 8 provides large flow rates at high pressures, giving you expanded opportunities to provide for your patients.

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Nuvo 8 Oxygen Concentrator is the high output concentrator for those who need up to 8 liters of continuous flow oxygen for their respiratory therapy. One of few popular machines that go above 5 liters, the Nuvo 8 is ideal for those who have intensive oxygen therapy needs. The machine is a medical grade oxygen concentrator manufactured in the United States by Nidek to meet the needs of patients who require concentrated oxygen at home.

Nuvo 8 Home Oxygen Concentrator is surprisingly lightweight with a massive oxygen output. For an 8 liter compressor, it glides easily from room to room with its four smooth rolling caster wheels at the base. The slender tapered cabinet design on the Nuvo 8 allows it to be tucked out of the way when not in use. It comes with a sturdy handle fixed to the body of the machine to allow you to roll it to a desired location. There is a back panel to access the filter, hour meter, and battery so the small amount of maintenance that is required can be done quickly — this would include a simple cleaning of the cabinet filter. The Oxygen Concentrator operates at less than 48 dBA to provide quiet operation.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Standard Oxygen Concentration Status Indicator (With the 585 model).
  • Patented RPSA Technology.
  • Patented Maintenance-Free Rotary Poppet Valve.
  • Superior Grade Molecular Sieve Strips Nitrogen From Ambient Air.
  • Exclusive Moisture-Reducing Wick Assembly.
  • Reinforced Base Substructure and Recessed Casters to Guard Against Breakage.
  • Spring-Mounted, High-Efficiency Thomas Nexus Compressor.


Nuvo 8 Safety Features

  • A rapidly pulsing audible alarm goes off every time the machine is turned on to indicate power quality (a persisting alarm indicates a problem).
  • A green LED light indicates power is applied and is ready to provide oxygen enriched air.
  • The machine includes an alarm that sounds off intermittently if a power failure occurs.
  • A visible and audible alarm is activated (blinking red light and sound) if there is a process fault.
  • The alarm must sound loudly for five seconds to indicate good battery condition.
  • It offers the user a power failure alarm test by simply unplugging the machine and turning it on to prompt the audio alarm.
  • It gives an alarm if there the oxygen flow is blocked.
  • The compressor will automatically shut off if under excessive heat.


Product Specifications

  • Width: 15.6 Inch
  • Height: 27.8 Inch
  • Depth: 15.5 Inch
  • Weight: 53.5 lbs.
  • Noise: 48 dBA
  • Oxygen Output (max): 8 LPM
  • Oxygen Outlet Pressure: 17 psig.
  • Oxygen Concentration: 87-95 Percent (at 8 LPM)
  • Power Consumption: 500W average.
  • Operating Level Above Sea Level: 0-7,500 feet.
  • Power: 115V 60 Hz
  • Made in the USA.