Diamedica Baby CPAP

10 and 20 lpm options available

A simple to use, low cost, life-saving respiratory solution for preterm babies, neonates and paediatricsDiamedica’s Baby CPAP provides safe controllable bubble CPAP for limited resource settings where the cost of conventional CPAP is prohibitive.

Key Features

  • CPAP 20, twin flowmeters for up to 10 l/min oxygen and 10 l/min medical air
  • CPAP 10, twin flowmeters for up to 5 l/min oxygen and 5 l/min medical air
  • Self-contained unit generates 95% oxygen and its own medical air
  • Voltage protector is fitted to all Baby CPAP machines, protecting the machine from unstable power surges
  • Humidifier ensures appropriate warmth and moisture for the air and oxygen delivered to the patient
  • Clear oxygen/air mixing chart allows for easy setting of flow rates
  • Inexpensive to run – no need for costly oxygen and air cylinders
  • Precision design for simplicity of use, low maintenance and easy servicing
  • Designed and engineered and manufactured in the UK, robust and built to last
  • CE certified by an internationally recognized notified body