Portable Non-Invasive Ventilator/BIPAP


Yamind Portable Non-invasive Ventilator/BiPAP Device for Respiratory Failure/Sleep Apnea


The Most intelligent and advanced solution for respiratory treatment.


– Interactive design

High – sense CTP with more effective and straightforward operations

– Algorism

More advanced agorism, more excellent experience

– Humidification

Built -in Humidifeier with better heating rateand betteranti-flow device.


Therapy Parameter:

– Therapy mode: CPAP,APAP,S,S-AUTO,T,ST

– Pressure range: 4-30cm H20

– Pressure Increment: 0.2cmH2O

– RAMP Time: 0-60min

– Data Storage: 4GB

– Target Tidal Volume: 100-2000ml

– Respiratory frequency adjustment: 2-40 bpm



AVAPS Control – Yes

Alert function – Alert for mask airleak/High pressure/ High Temperature/Humidifier Leakage.

Accessory replacement reminder – For mask, air tubing, humidifier, filter periodically

Pressure release – Yes (1-3 levels)

I/E sensitivity adjustment – Yes (1-5levels)

Automatic Pressure titration – yes

Altitude compensation – yes