Mini Mid Lines – Over The Needle

  •  The New Mini-Mid line kit Over-the-needle is suitable for “difficult insertion vascular access” and needs approach to vessels by “Internal Juglar Vein”
  • The kit contains also a Soft flexible Kink resistant straight Nitinol Guidewire for conversion into an over-the-wire
  •  Made of specially formulated and biocompatible radio-opaque Polyurethane material providing strength during insertion
  •  Specially designed soft tip for smooth & easy insertion of a catheter
  •  Needle-free connector (5cm) provides a closed system
Size Catheter Catheter Length mm Flow Rate (ml/mnt)
14G Orange 2.0 45  305
16G Grey 1.7 45 200
17G White 1.5 45 142
18G Green 1.3 45/32 90