Central Venous Catheters

Central Venous Catheters
  •  Complete range of Central Venous Catheters, single, double triple & quadruple lumen, meeting the needs of intensive care and emergency medication
  •  The Multi lumen catheters prevent mixing of incompatible drugs thus minimizing the complications
Kit Contents
  •  Indwelling catheter
  •  Y-Introducer needle with valve
  •  Kink Resistant J-Tip Nitinol guide wire
  •  Dilator
  •  Luer lock syringe
  •  Scalpel
  •  Catheter holder
  •  Catheter holder clamp
  •  Lipid resistant three way stop cock

Common Features

  •  Central Venous Catheter made of specially formulated and bio-compatible Polyurethane material provides strength during insertion.
  •  Polyurethane softens at body temperature, conforms to the body tissues and reduces the risk of vascular trauma
  •  Specially designed soft & beveled tip for smooth & easy insertion of catheter
  •  Soft Flexible J-Tip Guide wire prevents the vessel perforation and also provides good torque to ensure firm insertion
  •  Radio-opaque material of catheter with clear, definite marking facilitates correct placement of catheter tip

*Novocent is available with stainless steel guidewire.