Glostavent® Portable DPA02



  • Contained in a shockproof and waterproof Peli case.
  • Weighs only 9kg.
  • Could be carried on to most aircraft (only 47 x 35 x17cm).
  • Robust enough for any challenging environments.
  • Quick and easy to set up and pack away.


  • Uses ambient air as a carrier gas.
  • Non re-breathing patient valve and mask.
  • The DPA 02™ is robust and able to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, making it suitable for use in the most challenging of environments.
  • The new valve and patient circuit removes the valve from the vicinity of the patient airway and allows the use of double lumen or standard “Y” circuits.
  • Will accept any oxygen source, if available.


  • Well established and peer reviewed product
  • Robust enough for any field, outreach or remote situation.
  • Field use speaks for itself. It is the only product of its kind and is used in some of the most remote, most troubled and resource-limited locations in the world.


  • Very low purchase price.
  • Minimal running costs with minimal consumables. Ventilation is carried out using the self inflating bag.
  • Does not require compressed gases.
  • Extremely low maintenance required. Servicing can be carried out by locally trained technicians.


  • Suitable for both adult and paediatric use.
  • Can be used in a continuous flow or draw over mode.
  • Calibrated for Halothane and Isoflurane or for Sevoflurane.


  • Diamedica is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the DPA range of products.
  • Committed to providing training wherever necessary for medical and technical personnel
  • Diamedica offers, free of charge to all customers, ongoing after sales support via email or telephone for as long as the customer has their machine.