WATO EX-65PRO Anesthesia Machine

Since 2006 Mindray has successfully installed over 20,000 units of anesthesia devices to customers all over the globe. We are glad and proud that every few seconds there would be a clinician somewhere on this planet switches on a Mindray anesthesia machine with satisfaction. And Mindray is now proud to bring you the flagship of WATO series, WATO EX-65 Pro.

More Precise…

With new integrated innovative functions, the new WATO EX-65 Pro enables you to precisely control the system as well as different types of patient easily.
Visualizing the System Self-test procedure and smart alarm management with graphs and charts to simplify complicated operation steps.

More Visible…

With a 15.1 inch high resolution display, intuitive touch user interface. The WATO EX-65 Pro makes anesthesia process more visible.

More Cost Effective…

As a multifunctional anesthesia workstation, WATO EX-65 Pro is designed with cost in mind.
Lower flow becomes possible with Optimizer, which helps reducing the usage of anesthetic agent. The much longer life span flow sensors makes the maintenance much easier.