Safety Closed I.V. Catheter System

Advantages: Safety and Comfort

  •  Integrated system minimizes the risk of contamination and accidental disconnection
  •  Provides access into the peripheral vascular system for administration of fluids and drugs
  •  Closed IV Catheter system supports two infusions at the same time
  •  Provides safety to the patients from Hospital Acquired Infections and healthcare professionals from Needle Stick Injuries
  •  Advanced Polyurethane catheter material ensures better bio-compatibility & longer indwelling time
  •  Also available with two Needle-Free Connectors & Straight Port

Advantages of Micro Clave Clear in Nouvo Safety Set

  •  Clear housing allows for visualization of the internal fluid path
  •  Effectively clears blood and blood residual with low flush volumes
  •  Minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip upon connection or disconnection with luer
Size Catheter Catheter Length mm Flow Rate (ml/mnt)
18G Green 1.3 45 90
18G Green 1.3 32 94
20G Pink 1.1 32 56
22G Blue 0.9 25 36
24G Yellow 0.7 19 18