PHEIS Solution


PHEIS Saves Time. Saves Lives.

While patients are transferred on the way to hospitals, clinicians working in the rescue link from ambulances to hospitals often face the following problems:
How to provide effective life support during ambulance transportation
How to efficiently inform the hospital to prepare for patient’s arrival
How to decide which hospital to drive to for optimized patient treatmentMindray’s PHEIS features patient information and data sharing between the ambulance and the hospital. This allows the hospital to be involved in the rescue right from the beginning, thereby saving valuable time and lives.

Tracking the Entire Process to Conduct the Resuscitation

PHEIS sends real-time patient data, such as ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, Temp, NIBP, to the hospital, allowing doctors to track the entire rescue process all the way from the field to the hospital. This enables doctors to support paramedics via internet during the patient’s C-B-A procedure by advising drug therapy, CPR or intubation.

Remote Diagnosis to Provide Timely Patient Treatment

For patients in critical condition every second counts. PHEIS helps to save valuable time by supporting remote diagnosis and allowing the hospital to prepare treatments well in advance. Its powerful data transmission capability, including vital sign waveforms as well as alarm and defibrillation events, provides hospitals with all relevant information.
Especially the 12-lead ECG report helps doctors to quickly decide on the reperfusion method (intervention or fibrinolytic therapy) for a suspected STEMI (ST- elevation myocardial infarction) patient.

Reliable Communication to Build an Efficient Rescue Network

PHEIS enables an efficient communication network between ambulance, EMS and hospital with reliable internet protection. Patient data can be safely managed by either EMS or hospital. Any authorized hospital in this network can share the patient data through client software. Based on this communication network, the patient can be transported directly to the hospital which provides the best treatment.