Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator INC 200

The Phoenix INC 200 has been engineered for reliability so that the baby is as safe inside it as in the mother’s womb. It is equipped to meet any situation arising in neonatal care, making it vital equipment in the NICU.
This equipment is compact. At the same time its construction is sturdy. It is user friendly and it has an aesthetic appearance.

Acrylic Hood

The transparent hood an unobstructed view of the newborn from all around.

Temperature Control

The INC 200 has a double-walled canopy to minimize heat loss. The temperature control is precise, providing the ideal environment for the baby.

Unrestricted Access

The canopy has side doors that open downwards. The top can also be opened. Only one hand is needed to open or close the doors. The doors can be opened silently to avoid disturbing the infant

Adjustable Base

The height of the INC 200 may be adjusted by pushing a foot-operated pedal. This feature makes intubation and other procedures easier for the care giver.


Drawers are provided for storing items that are regularly needed in providing care, such as napkins.

Built-in Weighing Scale

The baby’s weight can be measured and displayed without moving and disturbing the baby.

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