Haemodialysis Catheter Kit


Features & Benefits:

  •  Indwelling catheter made of specially formulated Polyurethane ensures smooth catheter insertion and better bio-compatibility
  •  Catheter provide desired strength during insertion, softens at body temperature, thus reducing the risk of vascular trauma, kink free Nitinol Guide Wire prevents the vessel perforation and also provide good torque to ensure firm insertion
  •  Radio – Opaque catheter tip with clear garduation marking
  •  Y-shape introducer needle with non-return valve
  •  User friendly guide wire dispenser
  •  Silicon injection caps

Kit Contents

  •   Indwelling catheter
  •   Y-Introducer needle with valve
  •  J-tip guide wire
  •  Dilators- 2 Nos
  •  Luer lock syringe
  •   Scalpel