Exactive Vital Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

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  • ✅BLOOD GLUCOSE TESTING KIT: The test kit includes a blood glucose monitorx1, test stripsx25, lancets x 25, lancing devicex1, code chip x1, carrying case x1,user manualx1, a set of equipment to meet all your needs for measuring blood sugar need.(code chip is in the carton containing the test strips)
  • ✅ACCURATE TEST RESULTS: The accuracy of the blood glucose meter adopts the national GB/T19534-2055b standard, and the measurement results are accurate, and the results are presented in the British standard measurement value in mmol/L.
  • ✅QUICK AND EASE USE: The blood glucose monitor easy to use, and collects blood without pain. Only one drop (0.6μL) is required, and the measurement result can be obtained after waiting 5 seconds.
  • ✅ADVANCED AND SMARTER: The blood glucose monitor has a large display screen, which is clear and accurate. It can also display the average value of 7, 14,30 ,60 and 90 day, and store 500 measurement results, which can fully meet your daily needs and help you understand your changes in blood glucose levels.