Embrace Warmer

A steady supply of electricity is lacking in many hospitals in developing countries adding to problems of limited resources and overcrowding. Premature infants, lacking the ability to maintain their temperature, must be provided warmth for them to survive.
The Embrace Warmer is a low-cost solution that maintains the body temperature of premature and low-birth-weight babies at the desired level even with intermittent access to electricity.

The Embrace Warmer can also be used for transporting hypothermic newborns.

The cost of an Embrace Warmer is less than 1% of that of a standard incubator.





The Embrace Warmer uses an effective phase change material to stabilize rapidly

the temperature of an infant suffering from hypothermia.



It can be reused several times.

The Embrace Warmer is light and portable.





The baby can be held in the mother’s arm when the warmer is being used.


Cleaning is easily done using soap and water.

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