Delivery Table- Phoenix DT 100

The Phoenix DT 100 is a flexible Squatting delivery table designed for use in maternity wards and labour rooms. It has an array of user-friendly features. The table has been designed keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the mother. It has a durable construction.

Height Adjustment

The seat and back rest can be lowered to a height of just 16 inches above the ground. This makes it safer and easier for the patient to get on and off.

Detachable Calf Supports and Leg Rests

The supports help the patient to be positioned comfortably. They meet the requirements of both the professional and the patient.

U-Cut Seat

The U-cut mattress is ideal for positioning and access.

Firm Hand Grip

The ergonomically designed hand grips permit the mother to maintain a convenient posture.

Emergency CPR Positioning

The optional emergency CPR release feature of the back rest is designed for critical situations.

Battery Backup ( Optional )

The battery backup supports up to 50 movements.

Stainless Steel Catch Basin

The optional catch basin is provided below the U-cut of the mattress.

Foot-operated controls

Can be positioned at ease while the medical personnel tends to the mother. Hand-operated controls in lieu of foot-operated controls can be provided.

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