DA-2B Multifunction Electric ICU bed (Five Function)


Standard Configuration
1. All closed openings and gaps meet the requirement of CE60601-2-52:2009 standard.
2. The height from top of guardrail to bed platform is 380mm
3. Adopt imported motor, which is easy and flexible to operate and has no noise. With backup battery, the number of operations in the case of power failure is ≥50 times, with visible indicator in controller for insufficient or low charge. With anti-pinch function, there is no unacceptable risk when the operator or patient’s limb enters the movable space of the motor.
4. Side rail:
① One long and short side rail articulated together with the bed for patient safety.
② It can be automatically locked when raising, and each side rail can bear more than 50KG.
③ Side rail safety switch design, placed under the guardrail to avoid misuse of the patient;
④ Equipped with gas spring for easy operation and slowly down, that all rails descend to the middle of the mattress or below.
⑤ The steel structure of the side rail base is welded on the bed to ensure safety.
⑥ The 4-pieces side rail has angle indicator that allows the caregiver to quickly and easily adjust the backrest angle and Trend and reverse position of the bed.
⑦ Membrane-Type integrated Control (located on the outside of side rail or the footboard): raise and lower the bed, raise and lower the backrest, raise and lower the kneerest.
5. The detachable headboard and footboard with integrated handle or crank to push the bed, it have moderate weight, high strength, durability and beautiful appearance. Plug type assembly, easy to disassemble, reliable locking, single assembly design, no misoperation.
6. Four holes in each corner reserved for telescopic SS IV pole, these holes can used for place traction frame as well. IV pole have 4 hooks, max loading is 11kg.
7. At the 4 corners of the bed, there is an diameter 75mm anti-collision wheel and thickness is 46mm. The material is made of plastic. The bumper wheel protrudes beyond the bed, which can effectively ensure that the bed will not be hit by the building during the running.
8. Equip a small and a big hand-held controller, the function display at a glance, control the position of the whole bed, to provide a comfortable position for the patient.
Controller operation for the following functions
a. Raise and lower the bed
b. Raise and lower the head
c. Raise and lower knees
d. Trendelenburg
e. Reverse Trendelenburg
f. the head and knees to rise simultaneously
g. Electric CPR
h. Backrest position
i. Chair position
j. Bed lock function
9. The bed backboard has the function of transmitting X-rays, and is equipped with X-Ray cassette holder for the convenience of caregiver.
10. Extension of the bed: The integrated bed extension adjusts the mattress platform length 0~200mm according to the individual patient’s height.
11. Automatic compound Fallback system(Pressure ulcers protection)
It equipped with the automatic compound fallback system which extends the space when positioning the bed in the pelvic and sacral area and significantly reduces pressure on the skin in this zone. At meantime this system will consequently reduces the risk of the formation of pressure ulcers.
12, Casters
①Four diameter 125mm central control casters
②Precise ball bearing is built in the wheel and the rotating head of casters. It is wear-resistant, silent, anti-winding; The caster cover which made of synthetic material is dust-proof and beautiful, and it is acid and alkali resistant and can be disinfected at high temperature. The load test has passed the European industry standard EN12531.
1),with central type brake, neutral and steering function.
2), The brake does not need maintenance, adjustment. Single wheel static load 125Kg, dynamic load 100~110Kg.
④Central brake system: It adopts all-metal matching, compact structure and reliable braking.
13.Linen Shelf: The linen shelf at the bottom of foot end also stores the big hand-held controller.
14.There are 2 hooks in each side for drainage bag.
15.Vascular position (leg or calf in horizontal position), shank board can be adjusted by adjustable pull rod hinge.
16.Manual/Electric CPR: CPR is equipped with damping device, which can let the back rest fall down slowly to ensure the safety of the patient when the power is off, the whole process can be single hand operation. Manual CPR at both side of bed.
17.Four slots or devices on both sides of the bed to use patient retention straps.
18.Five mattress retention devices to help to support the mattress in proper position.
19.Decubitus ulcer prevention mattress for friction reduction(optional)
a. Construction of three or more layers or areas for back, seat and heels
b. Firm perimeter.
c. Dimensions according to the useful surface of the bed.
d. Latex free.
e. Fluid resistant.
f. Microorganism protection
g. Comply with any fire retardant standard
h. It have printed and visible brand and model
20. ACCESSORIES(optional)
① Support for oxygen tank
② Traction frame
③ Patient help with handle’

Technical features

Outer dimensions (Side rails up): L2220*W1060mm(±10mm)
Mattress platform: L1960(+200mm)*W900mm(±10mm)
Bed height: H470-790mm(±10mm)
Distance from bottom beam to the floor is 190 mm to allow the entry of cranes
Maximum backrest angle: ≥70°
Maximum thigh rest: ≥25°
TR/RTR: ≥12°
Height of side rails(above mattress platform): 380mm(±10mm)
Safe working load: 210kgs

Electric parameters:
Power supply: 110V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ
Maximum input: 1.6A,450VA